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Name:Bubbles Hentai
Birthdate:Aug 12
Location:United States of America
I'm baaaaaack!

Here is the new home of the stories that so many of you remember and wish to read again.

Fair warning...these stories are not for everyone! They are very dark and demented and downright nasty at times. So to protect the innocent and the faint of heart this journal will be friends only. Comment to request to be added if you wish to read the stories and are of age. To be added you must be over eighteen years old, so your full birthday, including the year, must be listed in your journal's profile. Unless I know you personally, in which case you are likely already added.

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80's cartoons, bobby, bollywogs, bullywugs, captivity, citadel of shadow, d&d toon, darkhaven, diana, dungeon master, dungeons & dragons cartoon, eric, faerie dragons, fairy dragons, hall of bones, hank, helix town square, kelek, khadish, nightmare, orcs, presto, rahmud, sex, sex slave, shadow demon, sheila, silvermane, skeleton warrior, tardos keep, the golden grimoire, uni the unicorn, venger, venger/sheila, warduke, zandora, zandora's box, zinn
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